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JOE UNITAS - Producer/Writer

After graduating from University of South Carolina in 1998 with a BS in Sports Administration, Joe Unitas moved home to work for a NFL agent.  During that year Joe's dad, John Unitas, was asked to make a cameo appearance in Oliver Stone's ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. John accepted the offer contingent upon Joe being in the movie as well. A month after shooting completed for Joe on Any Given Sunday he moved to Los Angeles. Joe spent seven years in LA studying acting, and screenwriting. He had a variety of roles in plays, commercials and some features films.

During high school Joe developed a knack for creative writing.  His father really enjoyed reading the stories that Joe would create and always encouraged him to write more, and stick with it.  With UNITAS WE STAND, Joe Unitas has combined all of his passions and knowledge of sports, Hollywood, and most important to him, family, to produce an original piece that his father would surely be proud of. 


Steven Scaffidi is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed many documentary and feature films for television and the big screen. His documentary feature THE PEOPLE'S STORY was a finalist for the 2000 Academy Awards and his groundbreaking thriller EXECUTION has screened by invitation at many top universities and film festivals around the world.  His acclaimed documentary FORGOTTEN ON THE BAYOU premiered on Fox Television and ran in primetime on The Weather Channel.  The film made national and world news when he and his crew followed a Hurricane Katrina survivor towing his FEMA Trailer to the White House.  Steven also created the television show FIRST DATE which was purchased by New Line Cinema and cleared over 85% of the United States in syndication.

Steven has a unique flair for story-telling and great sense of timing; he proved this when he wrote “AIN’T DAT SUPER!" months before the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010.  Steven has been represented by agency giant, Creative Artists Agency out of Los Angeles in addition to boutique shops Ablaze Entertainment and Rebel Entertainment. He is a prolific writer and has written more than a dozen screenplays in addition to being a published author.  Besides filmmaking, Steven's passion is sports.  Growing up he played quarterback and proudly wore #19 in honor of his hero, Johnny Unitas.   


Oley Sassone opened his production company in New Orleans in the early 1980’s and soon after that he was producing and directing music videos for CBS Records.  His passion for dramatic film led him to co-write and executive produce for Walt Disney Studios, the critically acclaimed movie WILD HEARTS CAN’T BE BROKEN.  He also wrote, produced and directed, THE ROOMMATE, with Bill Paxton, that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. From there on he was hired to direct a number of indie features and segued into television where he has directed over 30 hours of episodic TV for executive producers, Sam Rami, Gale Ann Hurd and Joel Silver.  

After nearly 20 years in Los Angeles, Oley returned to New Orleans where he produced Tyler Perry’s, THE FAMILY THAT PREYS TOGETHER.  He also wrote and directed CRADLE OF LIES for the Lifetime Channel which is currently airing on the network in rotation. 

CHRIS BRAUN - Producer

Chris Braun is a graduate from NYU with a degree in broadcast journalism.  Soon after graduation he discovered his true passion was screenwriting and the movies.  Over the years Chris has written numerous screenplays with one in particular getting some interest from a “famous” former fellow student at NYU.

His screenplay PROVIDENCE was written specifically for Alec Baldwin, a dorm acquaintance at NYU.  After several years of trying to get Baldwin to buy in to lead role in his political/family drama, Chris’ quest came to an end when the star chose another script written by Michael Corrente called OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE.  Chris’ disappointment in getting his famous former dorm-mate to star in his screenplay only served as motivation leading him to self-publish his self-effacing book